6 Common Types of Fences 

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The fence is an important component of every property. It adds security, protection, decoration and value to your property. So it’s important that the type of fence you choose is going to provide you with the mentioned duties. A fence should be professionally installed by contractors of fence installation Kansas City so it will really give you a sense of the secured home you desire. In this article, we provide you with the list of common fences so you will widen your choices.  

Types of Fences

Aluminum Fencing 

Aluminum fencing is the most basic and attractive type of fences. It doesn’t require too much effort when it comes to maintenance, you will just use the paint color and decorate it and then it’s done. The only thing is that it won’t provide you with the amount of security you need for you home. This is not also recommended for houses located in area with severe weather conditions.  

Wood Fencing 

Wood fences are popular in America. It’s one of the most attractive fences in the market that can also provide you with a sense of privacy especially if you choose the ones with a tall height. The house also looks welcoming too because of its aesthetic appeal. Just remember that if you need a thicker and taller fence, you’re going to spend a lot of money. But it’s going to be worth it because it’s durable.  

PVC Fencing 

If you’re tight on budget but still wants to have a fence, the PVC might be the perfect one for you. This fence is the cheapest, made of PVC cut outs that you need to connect with each other. The PCV sleeves add stability to the fence and you will use less wood. It’s also durable and can last for years.  

Wrought Iron Fencing 

You can see this type of fencing on houses with funky designs on top of their fences. This type is beautiful and strong, perfect for the purpose of giving you security and nice decoration at the same time. The thing is; it is high maintenance so you have to sand and repaint the fence so maintain its beautiful appearance. Iron fencing is not popular to conservative homes since you can really see the house from the outside.  

Vinyl Fencing 

Vinyl fencing is costly, but it is elite looking compare to other fences. If you compare vinyl fences to wood fences, they are four times more flexible and five times stronger. This fence can resist paint, so any unwanted stains and graffiti can be cleaned of easily. It also requires less maintenance so soap and water are already enough to keep its appearance.  

Chain Link Fencing 

This type of fence is not popular among homes, but they can be of good use to guarding other properties like vacant land. This is durable, cheap and low maintenance type of fence. Those homes who install chain link fencing usually add vines, flowers and shrubbery around it to add more security and privacy to the household.  

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4 Carpet Cleaning Methods: Advantages and Disadvantages 

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Our carpets deserve to be professionally cleaned once in a while. Regular vacuum can get the everyday dust and dirt of the carpets but a professional cleaning method will extract the pollutants and allergens that lurk deep within the fibers. There are four known carpet cleaning method, each of them has advantages and disadvantages.  

Carpet Cleaning Methods 

Choosing a particular cleaning method for your carpet will take time because you have to consider a lot of things. The methods are identified into two categories: dry cleaning and wet cleaning. Read the following to distinguish each method so you can decide what the best method is for you carpet.  

Dry Cleaning with Absorbent Compound 

Dry cleaning method is the traditional method of carpet cleaning. It uses powder mixed with special cleaning agents and solvents then spread over the carpet. A machine with counter-rotating business is then used to clean the carpet, which allows the powder to absorb into the fibers. After 15 minutes of letting the powder sit on the carpet, it’s vacuumed up.  

One of the advantages of this method is that it is a simple one that even a normal homeowner can do. It dries fast, and after 20 minutes your carpet would be functional and used again. However, after many clean-ups using this system, the powder is trapped and builds up over time. It can’t do deep cleaning, and will cause excessive dust build-up in the house.  

Dry Foam Method 

This process involves applying a cleaning agent to the carpet to suspend debris and dirt, and then foam is whipped. With the use of a machine with rotating brushes, it will work its way into the fibers. After a while, a vacuum is used to extract the foam. If you want a fast, simple and inexpensive way to clean the carpet, this method is for you. However, it cannot thoroughly extract the soil below the carpet’s surface. Machine malfunction can happen anytime, and it will cause excessive wetting in your carpet.  

Wet Cleaning 

This method is also known as steam cleaning or hot water extraction which is offered by Carpet cleaning Roanoke, TX. The carpet is pre-conditioned first with chemicals that liquefy oil-based substances and oil present in the fibers of the carpets. The water is then heated and pressurized and injected in the carpet. After 15 minutes, a vacuum is used to extract the solution from the carpet.  

This method is now popular because of its effectivity. It gets the pollutants deep down from the carpet which eliminates the growth of molds, mildew and other allergens. Because of its efficiency, the method can be costly.  

Cleaning with Absorbent Pad 

Another cleaning method is known as bonnet cleaning, which is used during light carpet maintenance. The carpet is vacuumed, a chemical solution is sprayed using a sprayer and then the solution sits on the carpet for the suitable reaction time. A bonnet or absorbent pad is placed on the floor machine’s drive block and spun all over the carpet. It will impregnate the carpet fibers with the solution. This is an easy method and inexpensive too. However, it doesn’t reach down into the fibers.  

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Lawn Mowing Tips for a Healthy Lawn

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Mowing is not an easy task. Each time you cut your grass, the health or success of your lawn will lead to either failure or not. Correctly mowing the lawn will make a healthy, thick and drought-tolerant lawn. When incorrectly mown, your lawn will struggle to survive. The health of your lawn will depend on how you mown it. It’s not good to have a dull and unhealthy lawn because by then it means a bigger job for you to do. For your landscaping and mowing needs, call Matt at http://www.actionjacksonlandscape.com/. Below are some of the tips we gathered from them to successfully mow a lawn.  

 Healthy Lawn

  • Avoid Scalping  

Scalping the grass means cutting it too short. This mistake will make your lawn vulnerable to weed infestation and diseases. The turf tends to be sparse and weak which exposes the soil. The weeds successfully penetrate the lawn which has an exposed soil, and it will allow the seed to take root. You shouldn’t cut the grass too short because a sparse lawn lets the sunlight reach the seedlings of weeds and let them grow. If you keep on scalping the grass, it will make the lawn more susceptible to serious damage from high temperature, or worse, drought.  

  • Sharpen Mower Blades 

To get the best result when you mow the yard, sharpen your mower blades. When it’s sharp, it cuts the grass cleanly. Then the blade is dull, the grass is tear up, jagged and have uneven edges. The tears of the grass create openings for diseases and pests. When you use a dull blade on your lawn, brown or whitish hue develops at the tips of the grass. Sharpen the mower blades during the mowing season. To reduce blade damage or dulling, avoid mowing over stones or thick branches.  

  • Adjust Mower Height 

Throughout the grass’ mowing season, adjust the height of the mower. For example, to allow the grass to grow longer during summer, adjust the cutting deck higher. If the grass is tall, it shades the soil that slows water evaporation and prevents weed growth. Taller grass has deeper roots too, which allows the lawn to withstand a drought.  

  • Mow When the Grass is Dry 

It is ideal to mow the lawn when the grass is dry. When you mow a wet lawn, it won’t yield the best results. It creates an uneven cut because it has a tendency to fall over and clump together when you mow. Also, avoid mowing in soggy soil to avoid tearing up the grass or creating wheel ruts.  

  • Mow in Shade 

Pruning or trimming a plant causes stress to it, grass is not different. Mowing will create a stress on the grass. It is ideal to mow the lawn on the cooler part of the day because if you do the mowing when the heat is on its peal, the grass will lose more water and recovers slowly. Or, you mow when the shade is on the lawn. The grass will lose less water and is quicker to recover.

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